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Our Corporate Image:

Madlalate Management & Development Consulting has established four specialist units to handle the full complement of services that it offers to its clients. The company also believes in outsourcing and going into joint ventures with its strategic business partners when the need arises. The organisational structure retains a hierarchy thatensures managerial accountability in all situations. 

Mr Madlalate is responsible for the overall executive function of the company and client relations. The daily management duties of the company are taken care of by Corporate Services that is headed by Ms Masedi Morore. The four units are currently going through a period of rapid growth and development and are fully operational. The company has massive growth potential going into the future.

Our competitive edge remains our focus on Excellence and Client Satisfaction! 



The Incubator Model

Madlalate Management & Development Consulting has adopted a corporate approach to staffing that allows the company to act as an incubator and mentoring hub to Emerging SMEs and Young Professionals/Graduates. This is in response to boosting our country’s requirements to meet the needs of the National Development Plan (NDP). The job calculator currently purports that in order to meet the needs of the NDP we have to create an additional 49 000 SMEs growing at 20% per annually. We are also pleased to announce that the Madlalate Business Coaching & Training Hub™ was launched in January 2017 for this purpose. The four main activities are Training, Business Coaching, Mentoring and Business Dialogue.  

The company also accommodates a panel of experienced Independent Professionals to provide input to ongoing projects and also offer their services.


The Madlalate Business Coaching & Training Hub™



Our Flagship Training Courses

Ethics & Compliance

Madlalate Management & Development Consulting has been founded on a solid business base that adheres to the highest levels of Professional Conduct. The graphic below summaries our overall corporate image and the pillars it is based on. 

Legislation governing Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) has been in a state of continuous evolution in order to meet the economic challenges facing South Africans today. Madlalate Management & Development Consulting is currently rated as a Level 1 Contributor to B-BBEE. This company aims to be in the forefront of empowering its staff and the communities it serves and is 100% Black Owned. MAMADECON continues to distance itself from unethical business practices that violate BEE principles, including Fronting.

Mase Malapa Accounting & Tax Consultants have been appointed as the Accounting Firm for the company.  


Corporate Social Responsibility

Madlalate Management & Development Consulting has taken an executive decision to implement its corporate social responsibility program through the Madlalate Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to empower the youth, including unemployed graduates. The foundation seeks to empower the youth through carefully structured leadership and life skills programs. This formation of the foundation is thus a medium termplan for the company. The expected synergistic spinoff of the work of the foundation is represented in the diagram below.