Business Vision

Madlalate Management & Development Consulting (MAMADECON) is currently positioned as a consultancy geared at providing a superior management service to all its clients. Its main distinct and competitive advantage feature remains its fully customised service and commitment to all its clients’ specifications. We are a people-centred company and believe in creating long term relationships with the people we serve. 

MAMADECON’s medium term vision is to empower and mentor emerging SMEs in order to make them sustainable within the South African formal economy. 

Our long term vision is to be a leading management and development consultancy whilst imparting leadership skills to the Youth through the work of the Madlalate Foundation.


Mission statement

Madlalate Management & Development Consulting is a dedicated Management and Development Services consultancy aimed at servicing Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the broader Private Sector, Parastatals and the Public Sector. 

Our main purpose is to manage and facilitate the flawless business operations of our clients through carefully considered strategic interventions that allow our patrons to experience sustainable business growth and development.

We believe in creating rapport and close bonds with our clients as we address their customised needs.

MAMADECON aims to impart a legacy of Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship through Youth Leadership programs to be rendered by the Madlalate Foundation.